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Keep up to date with all reported incidents in your neighbourhood via our easy to use map. You can never be too careful!
The CrimeShare system relies on users to provide as much information on incidents and suspects as possible, so that we can make the data work for you. Car registration numbers, suspect descriptions, every last detail counts towards making CrimeShare a more effective crime reporting and fighting tool.
CrimeShare is a community regulated service, which means, we rely on you to report and contribute to the site as much as possible. The more you contribute, the more features you will have access to, such as moderation rights.
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CrimeShare is a community regulated service. It is up to you to make sure that the info you provide is correct and accurate. Help us keep this service as accurate as possible by rating incident reports in your area
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CrimeShare is a community regulated tool that alerts users of crime in their area, plus it’s free and easy to use! Help make your neighbourhood safer by alerting other members of suspicious activity!